Big Things Folks!

Hey everyone!

We are incredibly excited to begin sharing our numerous projects we are working on with you! Though we aren't going to share everything just yet, here are some things we can tell you about now:

  1. Obviously, our new website! We are super excited to have this up as a new way to communicate with our friends and fans. We will be posting on this blog periodically with news and updates for the group as well as adding new web features as we go. Let us know what you think!
  2. NEW VIDEO! Today we uploaded our video of Jacob Roger's An Absolute Insufficiency of Electricity. This work is amazing, and we hope that you check it out. You can see it here.
  3. Our first performance as a professional ensemble is in less than three weeks!!! We are so excited to join Maestro George del Gobo, Dr. Paul Vaillancourt, and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra for a performance of Jan Järvlepp's Garbage Concerto for recycled instruments and orchestra. Make sure to follow us on Instagram if you want to see our updates as we approach our debut performance.

That is all I can share with you now! Keep on the lookout for more exciting news in the next month.