winTOUR is coming - Summer 2018

Hey friends! It's time for your quarterly Up/Down info dump. First thing's first: WE'RE GOING ON TOUR!!

That's right, a real live tour! In the next two weeks we'll be playing nine shows around Georgia and South Carolina, and our first one is on Tuesday in Columbus. This project is supported in part through the School of Music, Theatre & Dance Meta Weiser EXCEL Fund, and we could not be more grateful for their help in making this happen.

the tour schedule, excluding the two super special secret serendipitous educational shows

the tour schedule, excluding the two super special secret serendipitous educational shows

We chose music for this show way back in March, and have been slowly burning through it on our own in our respective studios/practice rooms/broom closets. We chose some pieces we'd been itching to play for years, and then peppered in a few of the percussion classics. During that time we also reached out to our friends Victor LaBozzetta III, Cy Meissler, and Colin McCall and commissioned them for a few brand new pieces! These guys really did amazing work, and have challenged our minds (Victor), hearts (Colin), and brawn (Cy. Definitely Cy). After getting into town two weeks ago, we holed up in Northside High's hall room and got to work.

pictured: work

pictured: work

The most rewarding thing about this particular project is the kind of organizational skills that we got to develop. This is our first time as the main event in any concert series, so we've had to take on more logistical responsibility than ever before. Gone are the days of "later problems" and "we'll get it at the dress rehearsal", we are now an adequately prepared ensemble ready to actually meet some kind of standard! By keeping an up to date calendar for rehearsals, we were able to manage our days better and choose when it was appropriate to take a break. For our statistically minded friends, here's a breakdown of how we've spent our time, in increasing order of arbitrariness.

Hours spent rehearsing: 77
Hours spent collecting instruments and building things: 15
Hours spent organizing materials and planning masterclasses: 9
Hours spent spent chopping out to survive Cy's piece: not nearly enough
Hours spent laying on the floor specifically not rehearsing: like 11 probably
Hours spent playing Hearthstone/Stardew Valley: 30+

As always keep an eye on the Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the shenanigans, and be sure to come hang with us if we're in your area!

-Jordan Walsh

Big Things Folks!

Hey everyone!

We are incredibly excited to begin sharing our numerous projects we are working on with you! Though we aren't going to share everything just yet, here are some things we can tell you about now:

  1. Obviously, our new website! We are super excited to have this up as a new way to communicate with our friends and fans. We will be posting on this blog periodically with news and updates for the group as well as adding new web features as we go. Let us know what you think!
  2. NEW VIDEO! Today we uploaded our video of Jacob Roger's An Absolute Insufficiency of Electricity. This work is amazing, and we hope that you check it out. You can see it here.
  3. Our first performance as a professional ensemble is in less than three weeks!!! We are so excited to join Maestro George del Gobo, Dr. Paul Vaillancourt, and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra for a performance of Jan Järvlepp's Garbage Concerto for recycled instruments and orchestra. Make sure to follow us on Instagram if you want to see our updates as we approach our debut performance.

That is all I can share with you now! Keep on the lookout for more exciting news in the next month.


Starting a band, making an album, and our first big break.

Members of Up/Down with the Week 2 teachers of the 2015 Chosen Vale Percussion Seminar.

Members of Up/Down with the Week 2 teachers of the 2015 Chosen Vale Percussion Seminar.

Hello all,

We are excited to officially announce ourselves as Up/Down! Joel, James, Jordan and I have had the pleasure of performing together for a few years, and we are excited to get back together to start pursuing our professional career together. Our first major project after the two-year-long hiatus is going to be making an album of only commissions. We have lined up 5 composers for the project (Doug Hertz-UM, Zach Albrecht-IU, Brandon Dicks-CSU, Cy Miessler-IU, and Jacob Rogers-UM). We are going to use our time not only to produce recordings of these works, but also to video record some additional pre-established works from the percussion ensemble canon. We are extremely excited about this project, and we hope you will follow the progress as it comes. Thanks to Columbus State University’s Schwob School of Music for allowing us to use the facilities for the recording with special thanks to School Director Dr. Scott Harris, Concert and Facilities Coordinator Professor Tao Ge, Audio Technology Professor Dr. Matthew McCabe, and Percussion Professor Dr. Paul Vaillancourt.

We are also excited to have our first major performing opportunity as ensemble! Though we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet, we just wanted to give you a heads-up that big things are in the horizon, so stay tuned for exciting info in the months to come.